Small CNC Spiral Wound Winding Machine

•Place of Origin: CHINA
•Machine Model: HEROOS-M322H
•Voltage: 380 V / 220 V
•Dimension: 110x 85 x158cm
•Total Weight: 300KG

Small CNC Spiral Wound Gasket Machine

HEROOS-M322H is used for processing 1/2 “- 2” inner Spiral Wound Gasket, top and press wheel adopts pneumatic, the adjusting range of pressure, simple operation. Power servo motor, processing parameters jointly completed by the touch screen and PLC, realize the digital input parameters.
With the common winding machine compared with size without manual measurement, and has the advantages of reducing measurement error.


voltage~ 220V
Net weight300KG
Scope of application1/2″- 2″
Length * width * height110x 85 x158cm

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