Metal Strip Shaping Machine

•Place of Origin: CHINA
•Machine Model: HEROOS-M240B
•Voltage: 380 V / 220 V
•Dimension: 1800*820*1600mm
•Total Weight: 300 KG

Metal Strip Shaping Machine

HEROOS-M240B is semi-automatic, flat strip is shaped to V or W profile by pressing roller which is controlled by variable frequency motor, it will stop automatically when shaping finish, so one worker can operate several machine.


1. One set of shaping molds
2. Strip size available.2.5mm.3.2mm.4.5mm,6.4mm,7.2mm in Vor W-shaped


Strip thickness0.2m
Strip width2.5,3.2,4.5,6.4,7.2
Linear speed0~12m/s
Total power0.75kw
Motor power0.75kw
Variable frequency controller2.2g
Production capacity400kg per day based on 4.5mm width strip

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