Metal Gasket Ring Polishing Machine

•Place of Origin: CHINA
•Machine Model: HEROOS-M07AS
•Voltage: 380 V / 220 V
•Dimension: 105x 70 x105cm
•Total Weight: 230KG

Metal ring polishing machine

HEROOS-M07AS for metal ring bending machine, in the wheel ring after welding, grinding and polishing of the solder joints, the equipment for semi-automatic equipment, but with high efficiency. in the disc ring process for polishing, burr, scratch the surface of the metal ring with a diameter of 150 mm or more. the roller device adopts pneumatic pressure, large adjustment range, simple operation. with dust removal device, reduce pollution, improve working environment.


Net weight230KG
Scope of application≥150
length * width * height105x 70 x105cm

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