CNC Spiral Wound Gaskets Making Machine

•Place of Origin: CHINA
•Machine Model: HEROOS-M344
•Voltage: 380 V / 220 V
•Dimension: 135 * 90 * 162cm
•Total Weight: 450KG

Medium CNC SWG Machine

HEROOS-M344 is used for 1/2 “- 14” Spiral Wound Gaskets (including basic and inner) processing. Top and press wheels are pneumatic, high pressure adjustment range, easy to operate. Powered by servo motors, process parameters jointly done by the touch screen and PLC, digitized input parameters. Size is determined by the potentiometer control lever, when compared with ordinary winding machine having dimensions without manual measurements, and the advantage of reducing the measurement error. Welding automation, meet the customer’s high standards.


Voltage~ 220V,~ 380V
Length*width*height135 * 90 * 162cm

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